about nude

Nude magazine issue 13Spend too much time dwelling upon the pros and cons of a proposed course of action, and you’ll never get anything off the ground. We didn’t think anything through whatsoever, other than that we wanted to produce a magazine that said something to us about our lives. And so, Nude was launched in a fug of naïve optimism in August 2003. Immediately it proved to be an immensely steep – albeit often hugely enjoyable – learning curve, but nevertheless, during the course of the following eight years we published 17 issues, which is quite a remarkable achievement from an initial investment of just £2000, even if we do say so ourselves.

As two people who’d been brought together by the mysterious allure of the strange and exotic things which exist at the margins of pop culture, we made it Nude’s brief to celebrate the spirit of wayward creativity in various field of endeavour, and so, throughout its existence, Nude served up a truly eclectic mix of comic art, contemporary graphics, deviant design, leftfield music, eccentric architecture, cult writing, indie film and cultural comment which brought delight to many and bafflement to even more. That said, it was never our intention to consciously position ourselves as an underground or outsider magazine. On the contrary, we always sought to present the often culturally marginal subject matters covered in Nude in the most colourful and accessible way possible, believing that by doing so we’d be able to draw people in and show them something new.

By 2011, for numerous reasons (primarily the ever-diminishing number of suitable retail outlets on the high street and the squeezing of advertising revenues) the continued existence of Nude became increasingly untenable, and what proved to be the final issue was published at the end of 2010. But by way of going out with a bang rather than a whimper, we published a ‘best of’ book, intended as an encapsulation of the spirit of the magazine.